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Get insights and easy access to proven strategies for acquiring, converting and retaining customers. Hear from the industry experts on how to boost sales conversions by implementing successful referral and customer loyalty programs. Browse our library of free webinars today!

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How to implement a customer loyalty program?                                                               Webinar With Preditor Nutrition and Demandware

In this webinar Phil Slater, Head of Marketing at Predator Nutrition, a leading sports nutrition eCommerce brand shared their journey of implementing a successful modern day loyalty program.

The webinar highlights the strategies that helped Predator Nutrition reap a 33% hike in average order value and get a 73% increase in their daily redemption’s. Watch the webinar to know the anatomy of creating a successful loyalty program.

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ShopSocially Webinar 9

How to get up to 40% more conversions from your holiday traffic?                       Webinar With Avenue and Demandware

Avenue, Demandware and ShopSocially joined hands to present a webinar to showcase how the right use of social and referral marketing strategies can help marketers fetch up to 40% more revenue from their holiday traffic.

Watch this webinar to see how Avenue converted its buyers into brand ambassadors and achieved an incredible 11.5x ROI by leveraging word-of-mouth marketing.

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ShopSocially Webinar 6

How Customer Referrals are Transforming Avenue® into a Word-of-Mouth Powerhouse Webinar With Avenue 

Avenue, leader in plus-size fashion industry converted its brand into a word-of-mouth powerhouse using effective referral marketing strategies. Watch the webinar to know how Avenue drove high-quality traffic to its site and got an impressive ROI of 11.05X.

The webinar highlights the strategies that helped Avenue generate 1000′s of customer referrals and an overall increase in brand engagement.

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ShopSocially Webinar 5

5 Must-Have Strategies to Boost Conversion, Get Referrals, & Generate 10x ROI Webinar With Yahoo

Yahoo joined hands with ShopSocially to showcase effective strategies for retailers to harness the true power of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email effectively to achieve maximum social ROI. Watch the webinar to employ these social SEO strategies for your brand.

This webinar also highlights how marketers can drive customer acquisition via referral programs and leverage visual commerce to convert selfies into sales.

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How To Use Social Signals To Boost SEO Ranking                                                             Webinar With

ShopSocially and conducted a webinar to showcase proven strategies to boost SEO rank using social signals. Watch the webinar to see how you can leverage user generated content as social proof on your website to boost SEO rank.

The webinar highlights key strategies that can be adopted by retailers to convert customer delight on order completion into SEO boost for websites.

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ShopSocially Webinar 3

Is Facebook Failing Marketers or Are Markerters Failing to Leverage Facebook Webinar With HubSpot

Hubspot in this webinar presents strategies for profitable eCommerce with Facebook. Marketers should watch this webinar to learn important steps to generate positive ROI from Facebook by acquiring customers through social demand generation and generating social proof for driving user engagement.

The webinar focuses on how marketers can employ C2C strategies for social promotion on Facebook to acquire genuine fans, get access to users rich social data and identify social brand influencers.

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ShopSocially Webinar 4

5 Proven Strategies to Generate Measurable Social ROI                                         Webinar With Demandware and Totally Promotional 

Determining true ROI of social commerce efforts have been difficult for most of the retailers and eCommerce websites. Watch the webinar to see how you can measure the precise business impact of your social media efforts in terms of revenue uplift by integrating these proven strategies.

This webinar highlights 5 proven strategies to generate measurable social ROI and demonstrates how marketers can utilize the rich social data of users to identify social influencers of the brand.

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ShopSocially Webinar 3

How invino Increased its Sales Conversion Rate by 133% Using Social Media Webinar With Invino

Invino, a popular wine retailer, increased its sales conversion rate by converting its website visitors and shoppers into brand ambassadors. Watch the webinar to see how invino made its eCommerce website more social and generated 15.67% sales conversion rate for traffic originating from social referrals.

In this webinar, invino highlights the importance of social referrals and social sharing of purchases to boost conversion rate and increase sales.

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ShopSocially Webinar 05

How Plum District is Getting 35% Sales Conversion Rate using Social Media            Webinar With Plum District

Plum District, a popular mom-focused daily offers and eCommerce site, leveraged offsite and onsite social commerce modules to drive brand awareness and acquisition of customers. Watch this webinar to unravel the social media strategies adopted to achieve an outstanding 35% sales conversion rate.

Gain deeper insights into the referral strategies executed by Plum District to achieve user engagement and drive sales conversion using social media.

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How Carol’s Daughter is Generating 8% Revenue Uplift via Social Media       Webinar With Carol’s Daughter

Carol’s Daughter, specializing in hair-care and beauty products, obtained an ROI of 670% with 8% increasing in revenue by integrating social modules with their core marketing strategy. Watch this webinar to see how the brand increased its social referral traffic and acquired socially influential customers.

Learn how the brand integrated social media engagement methods in the e-commerce flow to drive conversions, revenue uplift and boost word-of-mouth endorsements by their customers.

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ShopSocially Webinar 7

5 Tips to Boost SEO Ranking of Your Website with Social Signals                               Webinar With Jai Rawat – CEO, ShopSocially

This Webinar highlights the importance of Social SEO in today’s world of social networks and showcases 5 strategies to boost SEO rank using social signals. Watch this webinar to see why social signals are important for SEO ranking of your eCommerce website.

This webinar also defines how shareable content will help create SEO dominance of your website and integrating UGC  will acts as on-site social referrals and drive higher conversions.

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ShopSocially Webinar 8

How LinenTablecloth added $1.8M in Incremental Revenue using Social Media   Webinar With LinenTablecloth

LinenTablecloth has reaped healthy benefits by adding social commerce modules to its e-commerce website. Watch this webinar to see how LinenTableCloth got incremental revenue of $1.8M through social commerce and a 4X increase in sales conversion rate for social traffic.

The webinar showcases how adding social to commerce works better and can drive sales, social engagement on e-commerce site and generate quality word-of-mouth promotion.

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