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The Journey

ShopSocially’s journey began in 2010 as a question and answer site for products. Our founders Jai Rawat and Samir Palnitkar built a site where customers could share products that they bought and ask their friends questions about what to buy. However, by 2012, we realized that we could find greater success by embedding this functionality on other websites.

Therefore, we pivoted the company in 2013. We moved away from our end-user website and decided to completely focus on selling word-of-mouth marketing solutions to online retailers. We started with a focus on Facebook as the communication channel of choice, but later, we incorporated social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Email as well.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful way to scale a business. Since 2013, our customer base has grown rapidly. In 2014, we have expanded to other verticals beyond retail such as financials, travel, media, entertainment, events, B2B, education and non-profit. We also added complementary functionality such as customer loyalty and social login that complete our offering.

As we look to 2015, ShopSocially is now the world’s most comprehensive platform for social, referral and loyalty solutions. We look forward to continue growing at a massive pace by helping our customers increase sales, improve engagement and generate word-of-mouth branding. Our programs typically deliver an ROI of 10X greater.

The Uniqueness

Many companies have attempted to deliver ROI via social. Examples are Facebook storefronts, buy buttons in Facebook feed, Facebook pages, Twitter channels, Facebook ads. These approaches have met with limited success.

ShopSocially has taken a fresh approach that is unique in three ways:

  • ShopSocially solutions are typically embedded on the website, not on social networks
  • Focus is on leveraging the website’s customers and turning them into brand ambassadors
  • ShopSocially campaigns are self-propelling and work without intervention from marketing

This approach has been very successful and has consistently delivered ROI. Today, ShopSocially is being used by hundreds of websites including Target, CBS, Office Max, CafePress, HBO, Showtime, ULTA, American Apparel and Beachbody.

The Scale

ShopSocially’s platform is built with a multi-layered architecture that can scale massively to meet the needs of millions of websites. Now, ShopSocially serves millions of campaign impressions per day with 99.9999% uptime.

ShopSocially’s cloud-based platform is built using algorithms that encompass years of learning about what works and what doesn’t in social, referral and retention. Framework features include automatic mobile enablement, auto-scheduling, personalization, analytics & reports, A/B testing, incentive management, and API.

Zero or minimal integration is required to enable the platform. When the integration is done, the marketing team can enable social apps, anytime, anywhere without writing a single line of code.

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