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Selfies For Brands

A picture is worth a thousand words. The age-old saying is finding a new meaning in today’s digital world in form of the ‘selfie’ phenomenon. Selfie culture is here; and here to stay for long. The recent Dove selfie campaign or French Connection’s in store selfie campaign absolutely nails what a couple of 1000 photos can do to a brand’s awareness and popularity among its users. Dove added a personal self touch to its campaign and redefined the concept of being beautiful whereas French Connection gave its customers a chance to have their selfies displayed in participating stores’ windows, as well as the companies’ official social media platforms. Both brands have utilized the selfie campaign based on their brand philosophy and nailed it with remarkable results.

Named “Word of the year” of 2013 by The Oxford English Dictionary, the “selfie” phenomenon – a self-portrait taken on a smartphone – has become the most popular of all social media trends, due to the proliferation of social sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The duck lips, sexy pout, famous cleavage good luck charm campaign just adds to the bizarre and mind-blowing spectrum of what user-engagement selfies can bring in. Also Instagram adds an artistic flair to a pic.

Selfie may look boastful to the modest ones, but in marketing parlance, this self expression is all about sharing your passion with your social circle. Even the President has jumped on the bandwagon to share the wide grin with his followers. Ellen DeGeneres star-studded selfie at Oscars this year was so popular that it broke Twitter. Selfies have now broken all social norms and converted today’s smartphone-wielding generation into “Gen-Me” – totally unapologetic about showcasing their passion for anything they love! No wonder a look up for hashtag of #selfie on Instagram bombards you back with 88 million matches!

Selfie - The President and Ellen

So how can brands use selfies to leverage their customers’ passion in a fun, creative and memorable way? Retailers can initiate campaigns which are most rewarding and innovative, but its only customers’ adoption of the campaign that will amplify the brand’s message and turn campaign into word of mouth powerhouse for your brand.


Here are a few suggested ways to get the viral love from a selfie campaign:

Step 1: Selfie Campaign to Stroke Users’ Vanity – To create campaigns to curate the best and most fashionable selfie, marketers need to understand that customers do a selfie to get noticed. Reward your attention-seeking users with some exclusivity to drive their vanity quotient and they will produce the best selfies ever. See how fans are taking selfies during the FIFA World Cup and turning the event into a selfie parade. Marc Jacobs , the Fashion God also uses the social media selfie to find the face for his fall 2014 campaign. Retailers, find the right alibi to stroke your customer’s vanity to drive the selfie campaign.

Step 2: Trade selfie for an incentive to invoke user’s greed – Pamper your customer with some attractive incentive to invoke their greed for your brand. When customers post a selfie wearing Urban Degree clothing and touting the #urbanselfie hashtag, the South Africa-based fashion brand offers them a $10 off coupon in return, according to MarketingProfs. As part of its selfie campaign, the customer with the most retweeted selfie will win $1,000 shopping spree. The selfie campaign boosted awareness of Urban Degree’s social media presence and did wonders for campaign goal of increasing footfalls to its brick-and-mortar stores. Result – the campaign not only caught on like wildfire but also kick-started a major trend among fashion retailers.

ShopSocially’s social commerce platform makes life easier for brands looking to implement such campaigns. Its purchase sharing apps captures moments of customer delight – when she completes the purchase in store or online and when she tries the product for the first time. Customer delight is converted into social endorsement through social sharing of purchases or product usage photos/selfies. These photo testimonials are aggregated back into Pinterest-like gallery on which marketers can run a popularity contest through social voting. By incorporating this gamification element in social commerce, e-tailers can turn customer passion into a non-stop word-of-mouth promotion engine.

Step 3: Ride a social message to spread your brand through Selfie campaign – With each selfie shopper has the power to raise brand awareness and going by the current selfie trend turning customers into word-of-mouth brand ambassadors, marketers can leverage a selfie campaign to push a socially relevant message among their users. Innovative strategies that deliver value and rewards to the customer are sure to be a success.

For example, Axe hit the target with its Valentine Day selfie campaign. To participate, consumers submitted photos of themselves kissing, using the hashtag #KissForPeace in honor of the brand’s global mission of nonviolence. The campaign received more than 10,000 tweets and another 8,000 posts on Instagram. Axe shared its favorites across its social media channels in addition to cross-promoting the campaign through traditional advertising —such as digital billboards in Times Square. Axe was able to effectively publicize its brand while also promoting a humane cause.

Brands if you haven’t thought of your selfie campaign yet, it’s time you en-cash this opportunity and leverage the selfie campaigns to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Or if you have already seeped your feet in the selfie naval, share the top-notch selfie campaigns and strategies that have you adopted.

Best of Social Commerce – July 24, 2014

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ShopSocially and Americaneagle.com discussed various methods of using Social Signals to boost SEO rank through a joint webinar. With 7 out 8 factors that drive SEO are social in nature, adding a social layer onto your e-commerce site is imperative.

In this issue of Social Commerce Weekly, we give you an assortment of posts trending in Social Commerce from ShopSocially and other leading social media publishing houses from across the web.

Top Social Commerce News of the week

  1. Boost SEO Rank Using Social Signals – ShopSocially and Americaneagle.com Webinar Tells You How
  2. CC_newsletter

    According to Searchmetrics, 7 of the top 8 factors that drive SEO are social in nature. In a joint webinar, ShopSocially and Americaneagle.com presented 4 proven strategies to improve SEO rank using social signals. Read more.

  3. How To Use Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Email Marketing Results
  4. socialsharing

    Email messages with social sharing buttons boost click-through rates by more than 150%! Here are some tips and tricks on how to include social sharing buttons into your email. Read More.

  5. Unleash The Power of Social Commerce. Your Brand will Thank You for it
  6. power-of-social-commerce

    A PwC Study says, 49 percent of customers click through from a social media page to an online store if provided with an exclusive deal. Have a look at these 6 tips to leverage the power of social commerce and boost your e-commerce efforts. Read more

  7. How to Retarget Content to Facebook Custom Audiences

  8. Your website visitors are the most relevant target audience to re-market your content. Facebook’s 4 Custom Audiences will help you target your ads better and get more CTRs.  Read more.

  9. The Kinds of Photos Instagram Followers Want to “Like”
  10. pictures of holiday

    Instagram is undoubtedy the most fertile platform for retailers and posting boring regular photos will only receive a thumbs down. Here are 4 categories of pictures which brands can post to get more visibility and love. Read more.
  11. 4 Tips for Using Video to Influence Shoppers in Retail 
  12. Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-9.37.32-PM-640x320

    Consumers watch more than 40 billion videos a month that helps them visualize what they want to buy. The conversion is 1.8x times higher than any other media. Read 4 most useful tips for using videos to influence shoppers in retail. Read More.

  13. 5 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros
  14. google-plus-marketing-tips-480

    Did you know that closing off comments on your Google+ posts will boost engagement? If marketing on Google+ is still a dilemma, here are some tips from the pros. Read more.

  15. Extend Facebook’s new “Ask” feature to your e-Commerce site
  16. Facebook_ask_feature Facebook added social recommendation by introducing the “Ask” feature. Here is a similar way in which this “Ask” feature can be extended onto your e-commerce site to get peer reviews and recommendations that will help in purchase decisions. Read more.

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Boost SEO Rank Using Social Signals – ShopSocially and Americaneagle.com Webinar Tells You How

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Social signals are influencing SEO Rank. 7 out of top 8 SEO Ranking factors today are social in nature. Marketers using back-links and keyword optimization to drive SEO are still not aware of the full potential of social for their SEO needs. To help marketers unlock this latent power of social, ShopSocially and Americaneagle.com conducted a webinar to showcase proven strategies to boost SEO Rank using social signals. Below is the recording of the webinar and the presentation used.

Recording of the webinar:

Presentation used in the webinar:

Strategies to Boost SEO Rank Using Social:

1. Increase content sharability via onsite social apps: Google’s official blog now says that sites can rank better if their content is shared often by users. To increase sharing, marketers should embed social apps on their site. Marketers can also incentivize sharing so that customers do social SEO for them. This results in C2C spread of brand on social. By encouraging social sharing of purchases on their e-commerce stores, retailers can convert customer delight on order completion into SEO boost for their sites.

2. Optimize shared content for maximum SEO benefit: Marketers should ensure that the content snippet shared on social media is optimized to derive maximum SEO benefit. Besides optimizing the title, description and image for SEO purposes, marketers can also influence the share blurb by asking a leading question in the sharing interface. Leveraging Google Authorship is an important tool for content marketers. It shows the author’s Google Plus profile in the search results, increasing the credibility and click-through rate. See the recording/ presentation to find out how to set up Google Authorship.

3. Channel social UGC for SEO benefit: Customers are already sharing a lot of content about brands on social media. From simple Facebook status updates to rich visual testimonials on Instagram, this social UGC can be used for SEO benefit by getting users to add brand hashtag to it. Hashtag in social SEO is equivalent of keyword in content SEO. It defines the intent of user and increases the searchability of brand on social media. Search engines show more social results when users search for a hashtag.

4. Show social UGC as social proof on site: Social UGC acts as excellent social proof on website. This is social buzz by real people with their true social profiles, and hence increase the user engagement on site. Also by embedding this social UGC natively on site using Product Stories app of ShopSocially, marketers can have a fresh content on their page regularly, further boosting the SEO Rank.

Excerpt from the Question & Answer Section of Webinar

Question: How do different search engines treat hashtags? Do they show different results?

Answer: All search engines have already integrated hashtags in their index. If user start typing a keyword with hashtag (#) symbol, you will get a different auto-complete suggestions as compared to normal keywords. For example, if user searches on Google for “Social SEO” and “#SocialSEO”, different results are shown. Hashtags as search keywords brings up more social media results. This clearly shows that hashtags are being treated differently and search engines.

Question: What are some of the key considerations to use social signals for enhancing SEO rank of an e-commerce site?

Answer: To ensure that your sharable content is being optimized for SEO, e-commerce sites can do following:

  • Make sure that product details are included properly in OG tags; product images are indexed and relevant
  • Link social sharing posts to relevant product URL on your website
  • Product videos can significantly add to the virality. In fact, YouTube has now become 2nd most popular search engines
  • Monitor your social community to ensure positive reviews on social network

Question: Are all users created equal or are there some users that may have a bigger impact on SEO?

Answer: Users with a larger and/or more active social network have bigger impact on SEO. For Social brand UGC like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook visuals, getting a user with an active social network gets more clicks and drives more sharing. With more number of social signals, it has higher SEO impact.

Boost SEO Rank using Social Signals

For more details how to employ these social SEO strategies for your brand, please write to us at info@shopsocially.com or contact us here

Best of Social Commerce – July 10, 2014

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IRCE 2014 was a huge success with retailers from across the globe attending the event showcasing innovations that could revolutionize retail, e-commerce and social commerce domain. ShopSocially was invited to IRCE this year wherein CEO, Jai Rawat, presented 7 strategies that will aid marketers to win big at social with limited resource spend along with Plum District CEO, Susan Kim and Mezzmer Eyewear Michael Lee who shared their social commerce success stories.

In this issue of Social Commerce Weekly, we give you an assortment of posts trending in Social Commerce from ShopSocially and other leading social media publishing houses from across the web.

Top Social Commerce News of the week

  1. What’s in a Hashtag? 4 Ways a Hashtag Can Drive Your Brand Story
  2. hashtag-hashtag

    Is your hashtag more than just a good social media discipline? Why is it important to design a good hashtag that can tell and eventually sell your story? Read on to know 4 ways to make your hashtag a grand success! Read more.

  3. ShopSocially CEO Jai Rawat Presents Strategies for Achieving Social Commerce Success with Limited Resources at IRCE 2014
  4. DSC_1428

    Marketers are aware of benefits of social, but often fail to leverage it to maximum for want of sufficient resources. Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially, recently presented at IRCE 2014 7 strategies for marketers to win big with social without spending thousands. ShopSocially customers, Susan Kim (CEO of Plum District) and Michael Lee (Founder at Mezzmer Eyewear) shared results of these strategies for their business. Read More.

  5. Analytics Strategies to Measure Social Signals
  6. Google-Analytics-Social-Conversions-Zoom

    Measuring social media effort and its exact reach has always been a puzzle for marketers. Google Analytics, with all its limitations, gives a good measure of your Social Media reach. Read more

  7. User-Generated Content & SEO: When Content Isn’t King

  8. With UGC being generated at a rapid rate, its time marketers cashed on it for SEO benefit. So how does UGC drive SEO?  Read on to know more about it. Read more.

  9. Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Staying in love with Facebook Marketing
  10. Facebook-eBook

    With Facebook organic reaching new lows, it is imperative to devise new methods to succeed at Facebook marketing. Posting periodically and posting more of visual content will help to keep your relationship with Facebook going strong. Read more.

  11. 4 Brands Getting E-Commerce Social Media Right
  12. ikea-instagram

    Popular furniture brand Ikea uses selfie campaign to make their digital catalogue “social”. Here is a detailed account of 4 Brands Getting E-Commerce Social Media Right. Read More.

  13. The Digital Consumer:  A Nielsen Study
  14. digitalconsumer_2014_3

    According to a study by Nielsen, 87% of smartphone and tablet users use mobile devices for shopping. With today’s customers being more connected that ever, avenues of engaging directly with them through social channels are aplenty. Read more.

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Best of Social Commerce – June 26, 2014

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Testimonials and reviews from fellow customers, referrals via friends through social media creates a marked impact on a customer’s mind while making a purchase decision. These social shoppers or referrers become social influencers for the e-commerce brand. According to a study by Gartner, 20% of the social influencers drive 74% of buying decisions online!
In this issue of Social Commerce Weekly, we give you an assortment of posts trending in Social Commerce from ShopSocially and other leading social media publishing houses from across the web.

Top Social Commerce News of the week

  1. Amplify Your Brand with the Power of Social Influencers
  2. referral_jpeg

    Shoppers sharing their purchases on social media become social brand ambassadors for retailers. They generate valuable referral traffic. According to a Gartner Study, 20% of the social influencers drive 74% of buying decisions online! Read further to learn how Social Influencers can be leveraged to benefit your e-Commerce business. Read more.
  3. 3 Ways to be Irresistible on Pinterest
  4. 044_pinterest_board

    The mantra to stay on top of your propects’ mind on Pinterest is to be as irresistible as possible. So how do you achieve that? Here are 3 ways to get love from your customers from Pinterest. Read more.
  5. What Amazon’s Fire Smartphone Means for E-retailers
  6. 061814_AmazonFire_280 (1)

    New Amazon Fire smartphone oozes of features that enable easy shopping on Amazon using scan-n-share. Is this the start to a new era of social shopping for retailers? Read more
  7. Quick Tips from Ian Cleary, CEO at RazorSocial, for Positive Social ROI using Facebook ian2
  8. Understanding and researching on your audience is essential to pitch in to your customers correctly. Quick bytes from Ian Cleary, CEO, RazorSocial on how can e-commerce businesses work around the decreasing organic reach on Facebook to boost sales. Read more.
  9. Improved Embedded Post from Facebook Enhances Social Proof on Your WebsiteEmbedded_posts
  10. Embed your Facebook posts now directly into your website/ blog. Facebook has introduced improved embedded posts with faster load times and focus on visual content. How are you going to use it? Read more.
  11. You See Different Facebook Ads than Your Friends? Facebook tells Why
  12. ad-preferences-screenshot

    Wondering why you see different ads than your friends on Facebook? Here’s the dope from Facebook on how they decide on ads to show to a user. Read more.
  13. Why Every Marketer Should Use Google Plus
  14. googleplus

    According to a research by Nate Elliot, leading research analyst from Forrester, Google+ posts generate 2 times more engagement per follower as compared to Twitter. Read more.
  15. GreekGear.com Generates Insights Into Social Sharing Psychology of Its Customers and Wins Big With Social Commerce 
  16. Social Connect on GreekGear Largest supplier of Greek merchandise, GreekGear.com has generated deep insights into social sharing psychology of its customers using ShopSocially’s A/B testing framework. Strategies based on these insights are driving more and more shoppers into becoming social brand ambassadors for GreekGear.com. Read more.

Every week we try to bring in more and more interesting stories to you to keep you abreast with the industry updates. Has this issue been useful to you? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you!